About Amwal Systems

    After searching the existing systems in the Saudi market and found imported systems that lack the possibility of modification, accounting credibility and technical support. This is the reason why we decided to develop Amwal Systems to incoperate set of financial and administrative regulations taking into account the Saudi labor market requirements.Which are as follows:
  1. Inclusiveness-: Most activities of an institution is covered in one database.We have FRM to manage accounts, IM to manage inventory,FAM for Asset management,HRM for human resource management,REM for real estate management.
  2. Ease of Use-: Our system is simple and easy to use and works automatically. Making it easier for system users work Without prejudice to the regulations and accounting standards generally accepted.
  3. Flexibility-: Amwal systems can handle various activities, and can input Baltaruen Hijri and Gregorian, and Arabic and English simultaneously.
  4. Permissions and Safety-: Ensures high degree of confidentiality and transparency.Each user is authorized for certain roles which cannot be overcome. System monitors all activities like creation,modification, deletion, printing and reports. System is able to provide time bound reports about user activity.
  5. Technical Specifications-: Amwal systems operate on all vresions of Windows operating system. It is developed using the most modern technologies and databases. It can be accessed using individual devices and using networks. Reports can be customized as the customer requirement.
  6. Technical Support-: What sets us apart is the support team strength, as we listen to the customer well and give more than they ask, and often problems are resolved on the same day. Communication with the client is made over the phone or the internet, problems or defects are corrected instantly.Most of the common problems can be resolved by the client itself with the help of built in support(help) system.
  7. Security & Guaranteed Systems-: We provide free consulting services against software defects and accounting services for the first year. After the first year, client has to enter on a maintenance contract with us.
  8. Updates-: Updates to the system are free,these updates help us to keep up with new technology updates in the market. By this we will be less prone to system attacks as security is also updated.
  9. cost-: Our goal is to provide highly efficent and affordable pricing with a distinction of longivity, where we noticed that most of the institutions change their systems in short periods of time.

A Complete Human Resource System

Your work force is one of the most important resources in your manufacturing company. As a result, finding a business solution to manage and track your investment should be a priority. From recruitment through the payroll and staff development process, the Amwal Human Capital modules assures the most from your personnel investment.

Accounting & Financial Management

Any successful ERP implementation begins and ends with solid accounting software functionality. From the initial launch process of establishing general ledger account numbers thorough the conference room pilot of validating account balances and financial statements, a quality ERP package will be inherent with strong accounting software functionality that is both flexible and easy to use. Within Amwal Accouting ERP system, the accounting software modules manage the recording and processing of accounting transactions within functional areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll. These functional areas and their corresponding sub-ledgers will feed transactions into the general ledger where financial reports are generated for management and external stakeholders. Regardless of the transaction or function, it will ultimately lead back to the general ledger for final review and analysis.

ERP Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, management of your inventory is critical to controlling your costs and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Amwal Inventory ERP Software gives you real time information on current stock levels and values including stock on order, raw materials, work in progress and finished goods. In short,Amwal Inventory ERP Software provides you with an affordable Supply Chain Management solution.