Amwal Windows ERP
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Easy To Use WorkFlow

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One Of The Best App
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Amwal ERP is currently the best application that can handle both SME's and large businesses. The easy to follow workflow and minimal data entry to get quantified information makes it a better decision making and analytical software solution.



Financial Resource Management(FRM) is an accounting package which can be used from SME's to large businesses.


Real Eastate Management(REM) provides a easy solution to manage real estate.


Inventory Management(IM) is a user friendly and easy to use inventory system used to make complex inventory jobs easy.


Fixed Asset Management(FAM) allows to manage assets.


Point of Sales(POS) is a sales window that operates with bar code or by manual.


Human Resource Management(HRM) employs an easy to use workflow, which helps to save time in day today tasks.


Amwal Systems is full of amazing features that help make day today activites related to an ERP system easy. The features listed below are just some of them, please click the details button to know about more features.

Multiple Companies/

Ability of opening many separate companies

Mutiple Branches/

Ability of opening many separate branches up to 9999 branch

Bilingual /

Arabic and English with full translation for all inputs including the explanation of accounting entry

/Dual date

Gregorian and Hejri together at the same time

/Multiple currencies

Many currencies can be used

/Easy WorkFlow

Easiness, simplicity and non duality of input whereas each operation has a direct effect in the final accounts.

Please Download our trial version, to better understand to awesome features explained above and more.

Screen Shots

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