Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Opening new financial year and Transferring balances for account is done automatically, Which saves time and effort and prevent the Transferring balances errors.
yes you can work on many financial years at the same time and when you finish you can update the balances to next financial year automatically .
Yes Amwal system enable you to open any number of companies and any number of branches in each company , with the distribution of permissions and full safety data.
When you purchase a copy of the system are trained users of the system for free By a team of trained highly qualified technical and accounting expertise. As is the work of maintenance and updates for funds for a year for free
Yes there is a trial version of the system and will be Upload on the sites soon, God willing
Yes it can. If the client has another program and wants It linked to the accounting system of Amwal it can be so easily, by communication with the programmers of first system , And export customer program outputs in specific format , it is easy to do journal Vouchers in amwal system automatically
Customer problems are solved as soon as communicate with a customer service or trainers, But in exceptional circumstances in the case of congestion table all the Trainers the problem will be solved of a maximum of 48 hours.