Security Systems

sample-image Home alarm systems are proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to burglary. A U.S. Department of Justice report shows that 74% of unsuccessful burglary attempts result from a home alarm system scaring away the intruder. Government statistics also show that a burglar is three times as likely to select a home without a burglar alarm than an alarmed residence.

sample-image A camera surveillance system can provide you with crime deterrence value, notification and evidence. As a business investment, camera surveillance installation can provide substantial returns by reducing the incidence of break-ins, vandalism and employee theft; and they may become a valuable tool for verification of workplace accidents or providing a record of other problematic activity. With the recent evolution of IP-based systems, megapixel cameras now have greatly improved image resolution, making video identification and camera surveillance one of the most effective security strategies you can employ.

sample-image Many types of cameras are available. Choosing the right camera and lens can be critical to achieving your video surveillance objective. Available camera characteristics include: day/night function, wide dynamic range, back-light compensation, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), infrared illumination, license-plate capture, thermal imaging and mega pixel resolution to name a few. Critical factors such as image sensor size and type, lux rating and optical lens quality are important in choosing the right camera for your application.