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About Our App

Amwal Web is the web version of our much appreciated Windows ERP system. By adapting to web we have now enabled our clients to use the power of web connectivity in our application. Amwal Web is in development phase now, the main module that is available now is FRM(Financial Resource Management).

Fully Resposive

Amwal Web is fully responsive application. Its built using the Bootstrap.

Retina Ready

Retina ready display allows for a sharper and much improved look and feel.

Stylish Design

We follow ADMIN Lte template as our application theme. It has well formed charts and all the modern elements that bring forth the look of a modern design.

Clean Code

As part of rapid development style our coding follows clean code, as this is helpfull in reducing customization time.

Easy To Customize

We can customize our application according to the needs and workflow of each business. Average customizations are done free of charge to help our clients adapt fast to Amwal workflow.

Hundreds Of Reports

Amwal ERP has hundreds of reports, all the this enables business managers and accountants with quantified information, which they can use to improve or better understand their businesses.

How The Web Trial Works?


Create a user id for each user. Use this user id to login to our system

Basic Settings

The system by default comes with basic settings. If user wants to tweek on it he can go to control panel or settings to do so.

Create Chart Of Accouts

As accounts is the base module for any ERP system, user can modify the basic chart of account available by default.

Dive in

User can now create vouchers,receipts,see reports and more in the system.

Available on

Amwal Web ERP is available on all major devices

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